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Texas Wedding Photographer | Madera Albums and Packaging

Typically I am underwhelmed by products and things that I receive in the mail. I have this whole grand idea of how it is going to look in my mind and when it gets here, well it's usually less grand and more lackluster. Call it picky, I just like to think that I have REALLY high standards. Luckily for my clients, I have mulled through the massive amount of products and albums, canvases to prints and by process of elimination I present you the best. Today, literally an hour ago I received this client album in the mail. First off, I had no idea what the FedEx lady was giving me because it was so big and so heavy. I opened it thinking that it was something random that my husband ordered like a skill saw or a chess board.

As I moved away the packaging, the box sang. Yes, doves flew out and all. It was beautifully and wonderfully crafted. I carefully slipped off the clear packaging only to find the most amazing presentation box ever. Inside was an Oxblood, top grain leather album. I turned each page and reveled in its craftsmanship. 

So here you have it folks, not only do I answer emails at 3 o'clock in the morning, or organize your RSVPs on your custom made website, or hand edit every image and capture your wedding as if it were my own; I deliver your images to you in a custom designed, top grain leather album. Your memories to last a lifetime. That's something to talk about sister. 

Here is the leather case that your album will be protected by. 
 Here is THE book! 
My designs are simple and let the images speak in a classic and timeless way for themselves.
 The lay-flat designs will leave you near seamless pages so that the images do not get lost in a massive crease. 
 Here is the lovely Wooden Image Proof Box. It holds about 150 bordered, high quality images of your wedding day and safely nestled within is a wooden flash drive with your entire collection of wedding images! 
Enjoy, ENJOY! 


Jerilyn said...

You are AMAZING! I want to get married again just so I can hire you to do my photo's!!! You have a way of pulling me in as I was right there watching the wedding. I can't imagine if it was my own wedding. You do such wonderful, creative, perfect work Sarah! Just like I said.... Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your work. Glad you care about the details. Do you mind sharing your vendor for the wooden proof box?

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