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update on the 99 | east texas lifestyle photographer

The 99 things to do in 999 days update! I guess I have crossed a few things off the list, including the #1 thing on the list.... eat cotton candy at a fair. This is a pic taken from the sky high, fearful heights of the ferris wheel at the Henderson fair last October. I love fairs like a dog and his bone, like a fat kid and his cake... you get the point. 
1.  Go to a fair and eat cotton candy
2.  Shoot a destination wedding (I booked two for next year, yay!)
3.  Get work recognized by online publication (Done and Done! Here!)
4.  Get work recognized by print publication
5.  Update website to a new site
6.  Blog at least 3 times a week
7.  Blog about everything I accomplish on this list (so far so good)
8.  Create a regular weekly blog entry
9.  Create a regular monthly blog entry
10. Use our time share to go to Cabo, finally
11. Buy a dog
12. Wallpaper a room in my house
13. Create a white framed collage wall
14. Buy a house (might want to do this before 11, 12, 13 and 21)
15. Visit the Gulf
16. Dip my toes in the Atlantic
17. Aim to create banded and signature images
18. Create an online presence which represents my brand 
19. Create a print brand with marketing collateral that captivates my clients
20. This includes a proof box and DVD case
21. Enjoy being a mother in about 6 months :) 
22. Also create a wedding welcome kit
23. Put Applecare on my computer before its too late
24. Start using Shoot Q
25. Start using PictageSmugmug or Pick Pic and figure out this confusing thing
26. Create a beautiful hand designed album using Cyprus albums (Whoo hoo! First album! Done)
27. Increase my facebook followers to 1000
28. Market to seniors directly and well indirectly
29. Treat my blackberry thumb from typing all of this on my phone (Got an iphone!)
30. Trash this “brokeberry” phone and buy an iPhone, a new one (YAY!)
31. Buy the 35mm 1.2 L series lens
32. Buy the 85mm 1.2 L series lens
33. Buy the 70-200mm 2.8 IS L series lens
34. Pay off my credit card debt (this better not take me 3 years) (Holla!)
35. Buy the 5D Mark II camera body (it might take me 3 years to pay off debt if I buy all this stuff!)
36. Start and finish a novel all in one month
37. Watch the sunrise and the sunset all in one day
38. Update my iPod with actually current songs
39. This means I also need to delete, “Pocket Full of Sunshine” from my iPod
40. Move to Tejas with my love (We DID it!)
41. Grow my own garden
42. Learn how to can tomatoes
43. Connect with wedding vendors in my area
44. Purchase letter press business cards (I bought MOO, even better!)
45. Purchase slide show software to showcase shoots online
46. Create a photo book of our journey, include letters written over seas
47. Run a half marathon
48. Assuming I lived through a half marathon, run a full marathon
49. Take a entire weekend off from work (no phone, no email, no computer)
50. Create a sample album of my wedding portfolio
51. Eat at the top of the stratosphere
52. Drink Muskydine wine in Texas, off the back of a tailgate
53. Learn how to spell "muskydine"
54. Learn how to knit, possibly a baby blanket for our little one 
55. Learn how to write and speak Spanish fluently
56. Paint a series of oil paintings
57. Sell a painting, or attempt to let one go
58. Sell my car for a profit (2 door cars are not great for strollers and car seats)
59. Buy a Land Rover (okay, maybe dream of buying a Land Rover)
60. Travel to Alaska
61. Watch the whales at sunset in Alaska
62. Buy a new mattress, a comfy one. King sized, oh yea!
63. Take a dance class with Caleb
64. Take a cooking class
65. Get my teeth professionally whitened
66. Catch up on all the books that are waiting for me on my shelf
67. Sort through/print photos of mine and frame them for my walls
68. Purchase a Bonsai tree and actually keep it alive
69. Buy a pair of those stretchy maternity jeans… yup. I’m gonna do it
70. Lean how to make gumbo for Caleb and maybe how to fry something too
71. Do something that scares me (being 9 months pregnant is pretty scary, let me tell you)
72. Collect vintage things like:
73. Airplanes for baby room
74. A trunk for the living room
75. Vintage books
76. Attend WPPI 2012 in Las Vegas (crossing this one off since having a baby)
77. Attend Imaging USA in 2013
78. Go on a day trip by myself
79. Visit Charlotte in Chicago
80. Write a book review on my blog
81. Shoot a boudoir session
82. Photograph a styled shoot
83. Have custom thank you + note cards designed
84. Add a details/faq page to my website
85. Go skydiving with Caleb
86. Buy a Louis Vuitton, for no particular reason
87. Shoot a vintage themed wedding
88. Get my computer screen calibrated
89. Arrange a bouquet of peonies
90. Make homemade ice cream
91. Master a mean crème brulee
92. Photo shoot with the sassiest cats in town, Ben and Tigre
93. Buy a bike with streamers for me
94. Buy a bike with a horn for Caleb
95. Ride trails together on our new bikes
96. Give birth to my first miracle
97. Hear our baby say their first word
98. Watch our baby take their first steps
99. Enjoy every bit of life for today in this moment (Everyday!!!)


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